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As Because Market employees, we know a lot about our products. We test them among ourselves, and love seeing how they enable our own family members to live their lives more fully every single day. Today, Vivian, Director of Brand Marketing, shares her story.


Vivian's Story:


“My mom is a rockstar. She played professional tennis in the 1970s and now at age 74, she is teaching my girls how to play -- chasing their stray balls left and right! To avoid sore joints and back pain on and off the court, she uses CBD pain cream, CBD tincture drops and Ultimate Joint support.""




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Ching Ling's Picks  


CBD Relief Cream“Tennis is a stop and go sport- you need to take a lot of quick, small steps so it can be hard on your knees. I use this after I play to keep my joints feeling good. I like it quite a lot!”


CBD Tincture: "I just learned about this product, and after a lot of googling, I gave it a try. Now I take this twice a day- once in the morning and once at night and I feel a sense of balance and calm." 


Ultimate Joint Support: “My doctor recommended that I start to take glucosamine and chondroitin. I used to buy it from Costco, but I switched to this supplement from Because and it seems to be working. I also like that it has turmeric which is good for fighting inflammation.”


Red Steel Rollator: "This rollator has an extra large storage compartment underneath the seat. I can fit at least 3 dozen tennis balls in there, which is helpful because my grandkids hit them all over the place."


Adjustable Folding Cane: "This comes in handy when I need to travel and might need some extra support going down long airport hallways. It folds up nicely and when I don't need it I can throw it in my luggage."   


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