How To Arrange Flowers To Make a Beautiful Bouquet

How To Arrange Flowers To Make a Beautiful Bouquet

Flowers are a universal gift. They are a great way to greet guests in your home as they brighten up living spaces and make your home more inviting. They’re also a great way to show a loved one or friend that you care. Whether you are making floral arrangements for your home or sharing them with others, bouquets are a thoughtful gift.

In addition to this, flowers have benefits for physical and mental health that make having a bouquet in your home or gifting one to a loved one that much more promising. If you plant flowers in your garden or buy from your local flower farm, learning how to make bouquets can help you bring the benefits of flowers inside your home.

Benefits of Having Flowers in Your Home 

In addition to being beautiful to look at, flowers have benefits for physical and mental health, and these benefits also extend to seniors.

Research has shown that having floral arrangements in the home can reduce depression, as older adults with flowers in their home felt less irritability and negativity and higher levels of happiness and improved mood. This study also demonstrated a correlation between floral arrangements with boosted memory and increased social skills. Seniors with bouquets in their homes scored better on memory tests than those without bouquets, and those with flowers were found more able to communicate and engage with friends.

Learning to make a bouquet also encourages movement and exercise! If you have a garden or are growing flowers that you want to make into a bouquet, pruning and harvesting these flowers promotes physical activity and movement. Learning to make a bouquet may also become a new hobby or skill, which is great for promoting cognitive health and boosting confidence!

Choosing Your Bouquet Style 

If you’re new to floral arranging or looking for some new ideas, here are some of our favorite steps to creating a beautiful floral bouquet!

Choose What Kind of Bouquet You Want 

Before you get started picking flowers, colors, and shapes, it’s important to decide how full you want your bouquet. They range in size from simpler, thin bouquets, to full bouquets.

Full Flower Arrangement

If you’re looking to make a full flower arrangement that makes a statement, you’ll create a dense, wide bouquet. You will need a wider bowl to allow room for more flower tops. Use florist foam on the bottom of the bowl to secure the flowers in the bowl. For this arrangement, place one larger flower in the middle and build around it to fill out the bouquet!

Simple Flower Arrangement

Simple flower arrangements are best made in taller vases as you’ll use fewer flowers to fill it out. For these arrangements, choose flowers with long stems like sweet peas, lilies, irises, slim branches with flowers, orchids, or poppies.

To preserve the floral arrangement, cut the flowers before they bloom or choose some flowers with unopened buds! This way, your flower arrangement will be made of buds and you can watch them bloom and enjoy them for longer.

Mixed Flower Arrangement

A mixed flower arrangement contains various shapes, flowers, greenery, and heights for varied fullness and texture. To make a mixed flower arrangement, shift flowers higher or lower once all the flowers are in the vase. Place flowers with larger heads first as they’re the focus of attention. Surround them with other flowers, greenery, and grasses!

An hourglass-shaped vase is wide enough to fit all the stems you need while providing enough support. If you need extra support, you can add marbles or stones to the bottom of the vase that will hold the stems in place.

Choose a Color Scheme 

You can also build your floral arrangement based on color! While you don’t have to follow a color scheme, it’s a great way to plan ahead for what flowers you want to include.

If you want to make a pink bouquet, choose pink flowers of every shade. Look for peonies, roses, lilacs, sweet peas, and any other pink blooms you can find. Place taller flowers such as lilacs in the middle and back so they add height and texture.

Add some greenery or white accents with hydrangeas or baby’s breath to accentuate the pinks. You can do this with any color scheme you have in mind!

Arrangements By Occasion 

It’s also important to know where you’ll place your bouquet as this determines size and shape. Here are some guidelines for choosing where your bouquet should go.

Dinner Table Centerpieces

If you’re going to make a centerpiece for the dinner table, consider making a low one with wide flowers and short stems. If the centerpiece is too high, you may block your family members or dinner guests from seeing one another, which can divide the dinner table. For lower arrangements, choose a bowl rather than a tall vase, and use florist foam to secure your stems inside.

Doorway Decorations

For a décor piece near a doorway or on a shelf, you may want to go with more of a statement. Consider choosing bold, vibrant colors that add spice to your living room or entryway. You can use textures and height variations to catch the eye.

Other Tips 

Here are some other tips to consider when deciding what you want your bouquet to look like!

  • Alternate height. This gives life and character to the bouquet.

  • Add statement flowers. Picking a few larger, bolder flowers to place throughout the bouquet is an easy way to give your floral arrangement vibrance.

  • Pick a shape. It’s also important to have a shape in mind when creating your bouquet. For instance, wider bouquets have wider shapes while taller bouquets have slimmer shapes. You can also make your arrangement oval by making it taller in the middle and shorter on the sides.

  • Use flowers from your garden. If you have a flower garden, consider picking flowers from there!

  • Have the right tools. You’ll need clean, sharp clippers for cutting your flower stems. Try to avoid using kitchen scissors or fabric scissors as these can actually damage your flower’s vascular system and make it difficult to absorb water.

  • Know how to cut flowers. Cut your flowers underwater to prevent air bubbles from entering the stems. The best time to cut flowers is in the morning as they’re wet from morning due and refreshed by morning air. You can also cut at an angle to increase surface area for water to enter the stem!

Three Arrangements To Try 

While creating a beautiful bouquet, having a type of bouquet in mind can help you execute your vision. However, you can always experiment with various sizes, shapes, and strategies for arranging flowers based on your preferences!

1. Wild Bouquet 

This bouquet is full of greens, texture, and bright pinks! You’ll need spray roses and greenery and a tin vase or mason jar to hold your flowers. Arrange your bouquet by placing the flowers in first and surrounding them with whimsical greenery. You’ll likely add more greenery than you think you’ll need at first, but this adds to the wild look!

2. Summer Bouquet 

This bouquet offers varied bursts of color and texture. You will need delphinium, viburnum, hydrangea, roses, and jasmine to make this arrangement. Use a tall vase, and if it’s clear, cut leaves and arrange them so they cover the walls of the vase. Because this arrangement uses taller flowers, you can use florist foam or use tape inside the vase for the stems to lean on.

To add some character to this bouquet, group colors together. Add the delphinium to the back as it’s taller and add the hydrangea to the left of the vase with some greenery around it. Next, add roses to the right side of the vase and surround it with jasmine and viburnum.

By dividing the vase into groups of color, you add a unique character and pops of color that catch the eye!

3. Lush Bouquet with Flowers and Grass

To make this floral arrangement, grab dahlias, chrysanthemums, and different kinds of grasses and greenery. For grasses, look for neutral tones such as pampas grass. Find a tall vase and distribute flowers evenly throughout the vase, leaving the grasses and greenery to droop on the outside. This adds height, texture, and whimsy. 


Arranging flowers in a bouquet promotes creativity, skills, and mental health as it can reduce stress, depression, and increase happiness and mood. Plus, creating your own bouquet is a great and inexpensive way to enjoy the flowers from your local market or garden.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be prepared to make a beautiful floral arrangement that adds character and vibrance to your home!



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