Because Life's an Adventure: Judy's Picks

Two people riding on camels

At Because Market, we are inspired by the older adults in our own lives who pursue their passions and live every day to the fullest. Today, Paige, our Director of Email, shares a bit of personal inspiration from her globe-trotting parents:


Paige's Story


"I am constantly amazed by the energy & sense of adventure of my dad & his wife, Judy. Every time I turn around, they are traveling somewhere exotic or trying a new activity that is fun & exciting. They make my life look boring. Recently, they took a trip to India and rode camels. Judy also recently visited Montana and took a snow mobile ride! I can't wait to see what's next!"


Paige, Director of CRM 

Shop Judy's picks below


Judy's picks


Women's Easy Closure Sandals: "I have always loved Birkenstocks, but I have traded them in for these easy close sandals. They're so comfortable and easy to get on and off. They work indoors and have a hard sole that makes them good for outdoor wear too." 


Slipper Grip Socks: "These socks are so soft and warm. My hands and feet tend to always run cold, so I wear these all winter to keep my feet warm. They have those little grippy pads on the bottom too, which gives me extra stability so I'm not sliding around in them."


Rinse-Free Shampoo Cap: "For a quick clean, this shampoo cap does the trick. I warm it up in the microwave and pop it on for a quick no rinse hair wash."


CBD Relief Cream: "Traveling is an adventure, but sitting on a plane for 10-12 hours can take a toll on your body. I use this cream on sore joints and it is a lifesaver!"


Coconut Lip Balm: "Airplanes really dry out my skin- I started keeping lip balms like this one everywhere--in my purse, in my toiletry bag, by my bedside-- just to keep my lips feeling hydrated."


Rest Easy Bundle:  "I tend to get a little restless at night, especially when I'm moving time zones. The sleep supplement in this bundle has melatonin in it, which if you know, you know. And the joint supplement is something my doctor recommended I take to keep my joints feeling good."


Cold Therapy Eye Pillow Mask:  "This is probably my favorite product. I keep this in the refrigerator and it has these cooling beads inside that feel SO good on your eyes. I bring this with me everywhere and it feels like a small luxury, especially after a long travel day." 


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