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We started Because to help our family members and thousands of people like them get the products they needed in an affordable, discreet way. We love to see how our products can unlock important life moments and enable individuals to fully live in every moment. Today, our co-founder and CEO, Alexi, reflects on his mom’s recent favorites from Because.


Alexi's Story

"As we age, our joints may become less flexible and more susceptible to pain due to the natural breakdown of cartilage. By staying physically active (even swinging on a swing set counts!) and incorporating supplements, like Because's Omega 3 capsules, my mother supports her joint function so she can enjoy daily life, especially keeping up with her grandkids!


My mother supports her joint function so she can enjoy daily life, especially keeping up with her grandkids!



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Maggie's picks


Ultimate Joint Support: "I may not be as fast as I used to be, but these joint supplements help me feel pretty good, even after a long day of running after my very sweet and VERY active grandchildren!" 


Omega 3 Gel Caps: "My doctor recommended that I take omega 3 to keep my heart healthy, and I really like these from Because." 


CBD Tincture Drops: "My son got me to try this and I must admit I was doubtful at first. I take this a few hours before bed and I feel a lot more rested in the morning. I like that it's a natural, holistic approach to staying well.


CBD Cream: "This is good to relieve those aches and pains that are inevitable when you get to be my age. It has a cooling sensation that provides instant relief exactly where you need it." 


White Rollator: "I use this on longer walks if I know I'm going to be moving for a longer distance. I love being active and this helps to give me a little extra support."


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