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Prioritizing Safety in the Home

Creating a space for yourself where you can feel at ease and be safe in your everyday life can bring relaxation and comfort to your life. As we age, it is normal to find difficulty in things you used to find easy. Declining mobility can make a task you once mastered seem like a perilous task. This can be both a physical and mental strain. One way to tackle this issue is finding ways to make adjustments for our needs. Making adjustments in the home can help prevent you from injury or general discomfort. It can also bring about a sense of independence. Whether it be small adjustments around the home or major installments and renovations, there are plenty of ways to make home additions that cater to your needs. 

There are a range of possibilities when making home modifications to satisfy your needs. Many consider renovations to accommodate for medical equipment and for ease in moving around, such as widening doorways or creating ramps to replace stairs. Some people even have the option of replacing showers with walk in tubs. However, home renovations can be costly. If you live in an area where these grants apply, you may consider looking into the Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants program that can offer people assistance on home improvement.

 If home modifications do not seem like the right option for you, there are plenty of small-scale ways to make adjustments for your needs. Bathrooms tend to be one of the most common places where older folks have falls, especially when using the restroom at night. Adding something as simple as plug-in sensor lights can brighten your path to the restroom at night and help eliminate falls from tripping in low light. Make sure your carpets and rugs are secured to the floor to avoid tripping because of bunching or wrinkles. This is especially relevant if you use a walker, which can get more easily caught and cause tumbles.

Making sure your bathroom is well-equipped can also make your daily life much more comfortable and relaxing. Many people find benefit in adding raised seats to the toilet to eliminate the need to put stress on your joints and muscles. Eliminating slippery surfaces can also help you avoid potential falls. Adding no-slip strips in your bathtubs and making sure to have grab bars readily available for you to hold onto can make your daily routine much more comfortable. Both Medicare and Medicaid are programs that can help cover medical equipment if they are medically prescribed.

Whether you can make a few simple changes in your home or pursue major renovations, there are an array of options that can make your day to day routine more comfortable and safe.