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Retrial Pack of 20 Because Slim Pads for Women (Moderate+)
Retrial Pack of 20 Because Slim Pads for Women (Moderate+)
Retrial Pack of 20 Because Slim Pads for Women (Moderate+)
Retrial Pack of 20 Because Slim Pads for Women (Moderate+)

Retrial Pack of 20 Because Slim Pads for Women (Moderate+)


This is the most high-tech, softest pad on the planet. Exclusively available to Because members, you won’t find it at any store.

We worked with Stanford Hospital’s Department of Urology to develop these brand new moderate-absorbency pads for women. A new and unique absorption core captures and holds moisture quickly and completely. One pad can absorb 500 ml of liquid in just 13 seconds.

We also put special care into making the pad feel soft and breathable when worn. A new, softer kind of quick-drying topsheet wicks liquid away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Why you'll love them:

  • High-performance, pH-neutralizing absorbent core
  • Ultra-soft nonwoven exterior with Invisible technology
  • Odor reducing system
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free


    We will work with you to find your perfect product.


    Shipping and Returns:

    • For free trials (10 pads) we ask that you cover $2.49 US shipping.
    • After that, shipping is always FREE.
    • Please allow 3-4 business days for shipping.
    • If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied with our pads, we will create a solution for you.
    • Simply call us at (855) 231-4448 and we will take care of you.





    "The protection covers both back and front which is helpful, especially if you toss and turn. My sleep has greatly improved because I am not waking up worrying as often. I get the impression that this is not a horrible thing to live with. No one wants to have to use this product but anything that makes it more pleasant to use helps."

    "These are such an improvement over the guards I had been using that I signed up for the monthly Home Delivery service and have been very pleased. These guards are far more absorbent, stay in place better and I do not have to wandering all over the store advertising my problem anymore. Thank you for the IMPROVED GUARDS and I do appreciate the private home delivery."

    "My medical condition requires me to take extra diuretics - plus having incontinence. These overnight style Women's Underwear fashions help keep my outer clothing dry all day. (I haven't been able to do this for quite a while."

    "I have to say that Because has gone above and beyond anyone else I’ve ever dealt with. I am work to deal with my issues they have bent over backwards to try to accommodate my needs and I think we finally got it right. The personal service is unbelievable."

    "When I went to order a month's supply for my grandmom, she said they were tight, so we ordered a larger size. Image our surprise when they leaked. I called Because and they told me that they need to be tight so they don't leak. They dropped a box into the mail that day for us, FREE OF COST! And got our business for life. Thanks Because for being a company with old-fashioned customer service."


    You'll always receive a high-quality product, and you'll always be treated with respect.

    Our Story

    Because is for our grandparents, our parents, for us, and for you.

    Our simple idea - adult briefs should be good and should fit. As in well-designed, made of quality materials, and eco-friendly. They should also be easy.

    "We used to go at the grocery store every month and stack our cars with briefs for our grandma and grandpa. When we left for Stanford they had to arrange and ask friends for repeated favors. That's when we realized that our grandparents weren't the only ones who would be benefit from discreetly receiving their incontinence supplies at their front door. That's why we started Because. Besides having briefs delivered at home, we improved the quality and we cut the middleman. We built a service that our grandparents love and are proud of whilst making them save over $300 in a year."

    Adult briefs will show up in the mail, in discreet packaging, as many and as often as you need them. We don't think there should be more work to it than that.

    Alexi & Luca

    Thousands of

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