Customer Spotlight: Pam

Customer Spotlight: Pam

At Because Market, our customers serve as ongoing inspirations. They're why we do everything we do — from developing new products to help older adults lead freer, fuller lives to ending the stigma around incontinence. Each of our customers is on their own journey, and we share their stories with you in our Customer Spotlight series.

This month, we talked with Pam M., a 71-year-old retired paralegal living in Sugarlane, TX.

Pam's Story

Pam was born in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up alongside three sisters. She married her high school sweetheart in 1970, and the couple had two daughters: Pam and Mary Anne, in 1971 and 1973. Ultimately, Pam split from her husband. She says that if she could talk to a younger version of herself now, she would say: "don’t get married out of high school. Get your education first." These words were born from her own life experience.

At 54, she went to college even though it wasn't easy. Her daughters were upset about her not being around as much, and she had to face algebra again — a class she failed in high school. Despite the challenges, Pam persevered, graduating with a 3.75 GPA and becoming a paralegal.

With the help of a match-making pastor, Pam reconnected with Bob — who she dated in high school. The two married and subsequently bought a house in Sugarlane, a city closer to one of her sisters which offered more job opportunities for Pam as well.

A Love for Quilting

Pam thinks one of the best things about getting older is the ability to do what she wants without answering to anyone. She says, "I can stay up until 2 AM if I want to read or go to bed at 9 PM."

Quilting and embroidering are ways that Pam likes to spend her time, and she makes many of her beautiful creations for others from the start. She makes scarves and hats for the homeless through her church, and recently, she made a lovely embroidered crib blanket for a newborn baby boy. With a Noah's Ark theme featuring giraffes, lambs, ducks, fish, and other animals, the quilt took four months to complete and was sewn by hand using little stitches. But Pam wasn't done. She took great care to wrap it, adding a Baby's First ornament depicting Noah's Ark to the package as a finishing touch.


Reclaiming Her Freedom

When Pam began to experience urinary incontinence, she struggled to find products that worked. The pads she used caused her pants to bulge. One time, she went to a restaurant with her sister and was quickly told to go and "deal with drawers." When Pam went to the bathroom, she quickly discovered that her pad had slipped and made it look like she had an accident in her pants.

Determined to find a solution to the problem, Pam began looking for overnight pull-up incontinence underwear, but many stores didn't carry them. It was then that she saw an ad for Because Market online. She took advantage of the free trial and quickly discovered the underwear was a much better option for her needs.

Today, Pam uses Because Premium Overnight Plus Underwear for Women along with Because Premium Boosters. This combination keeps her dry all day. She says that with Because, she no longer has to ask herself, "Will I make it to the bathroom on time?" or worry about carrying four or five extra undergarments with her. Now, she can simply walk out with her wallet in her pocket and her keys in hand, knowing she'll be protected all day.

In addition to helping Pam reclaim her freedom, Because products have also given her more confidence by improving her overall comfort. She says the undergarments don't sag around her thighs, so she looks her best wherever she goes. Pam also stays dry with the underwear and boosters, meaning no more rashes and irritation to deal with.

 What's Next

Two Christmases ago, Pam underwent a series of surgeries on her knee. She continues to recover and gets stronger every day. Having Because deliver her incontinence supplies has made things easier, and Pam says their customer service team is fast and responsive to all of her needs.

There's no doubt Pam isn't about to slow down for anyone or anything. She left us with two powerful pieces of advice. First, trust your gut because "it doesn't lie." And second, keep your faith. She explains that "God answers prayer in many different ways than you think He should. But if He doesn’t answer, it’s not because He doesn’t hear you, but it’s not the right time yet."

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