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Women's Incontinence Underwear & Pads

Discover our selection of super absorbent briefs and pads to keep you leak-free and comfortable.
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A person pulls on incontinence underwear to demonstrate the stretch.

Absorbent Incontinence Underwear & Pads Designed for Women

Specifically tailored to fit a woman's body, our super-absorbent adult diapers and pads are designed to prevent leakage day and night. Each incontinence product is built with a high absorbency core, reinforced leakage guards, odor protection, and a comfortable, discreet fit. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, our incontinence underwear is breathable and latex-free. Our women's adult diapers come in maximum absorbency and overnight absorbency. Our women's pads are available in moderate, maximum, and overnight absorbencies.

Whether you prefer pull-up protective underwear or absorbent incontinence pads, shop Because Market for all of your bladder protection needs.

Incontinence in Women

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you wear a pad with incontinence underwear?

Our super absorbent pads are designed to be worn with regular underwear. They contain an adhesive, waterproof backing that sticks to regular cotton briefs. If you’re looking for a pad to wear with incontinence underwear/adult diapers, look for our Booster Pads, which are similar to incontinence pads, without the waterproof backing. Booster pads allow for liquid to flow through to any brand of incontinence underwear/adult diapers.

Can you use period underwear for incontinence?

Period underwear and incontinence underwear (adult diapers) share some similarities in terms of design, but they are very different when it comes to construction and absorbency levels. Period underwear typically absorbs 25 mL of liquid, or one-tenth of a cup. Because Market incontinence underwear is designed to hold over 1400 mL of liquid, or 6 cups. Individuals with moderate to heavier leaks may choose to wear incontinence underwear instead of period underwear to prevent leaks and maintain proper hygiene and comfort.

Can I wear incontinence pads overnight?

Yes, you can wear incontinence pads overnight. Incontinence pads are specifically designed to provide protection against urinary leaks and are suitable for use during both daytime and nighttime. Consider using an Overnight Pad, specifically designed for overnight use. These pads tend to be longer and more absorbent, providing extended protection and minimizing the need for frequent changes during the night.

Are incontinence supplies covered by Medicare?

Unfortunately, Medicare Parts A, B, and D do not currently offer coverage for any absorbent incontinence supplies or hygiene items. This includes things like diapers, pads and guards, as well as wipes and other incontinence skincare. However, there are some Medicare Part C, also called Medicare Advantage, plans available in various parts of the country that offer OTC benefits, which may extend to incontinence supplies, including adult diapers and hygiene products. Medicare Part C plans are offered by private insurance companies with Medicare approval, and they are only available in specific areas.

How do subscriptions work?

When you choose to turn your order to a subscription with Because, you’ll be able to guarantee that you’ll have the products you need, when you need them, without having to remember to order them. Additionally, you’ll save money! With a subscription you’ll save 10% on every order, get free shipping on orders over $75, have access to 24/7 customer support, and be able to skip or cancel your order, anytime. To choose our subscription option, simple choose “Subscribe and Save” when choosing your product. Orders are shipped automatically and delivered discreetly right to your door.

How do I make changes to my order?

All of your settings are available on your online account where you can make changes such as shipment dates, address, payment details, subscription products, and more.

To access your online account simply click here and input your email address- we’ll send you an email to directly access your account. You can also email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help.

Can I change products?

You can use your online account to adjust your products, order dates, or make changes to your account. To access your online account simply click here and input your email address-we’ll send you an email with the link.

  1. Open the “Access Your Account” email from us in your inbox
  2. Click the “Access Account” button from your email
  3. Once your Because Account loads, you can “Edit” your current subscription by changing the quantity, size, color, etc. or swapping the products. 
  4. If you want to add new products to an existing subscription, simply:
  5. Click on one of the categories at the top (bladder protection, personal care, supplements, etc.)
  6. Find the product you want to add
  7. Choose whether you want to receive the new product as part of your subscription, trial the new product, or simply purchase it once
  8. Add it to your cart 
  9. Check out as normal

You can also email us at [email protected] and we would be happy to help you. We have an assortment of products and sizes available and want you to be happy! You’ll get an email and text (if enabled) confirming any changes.

When will my order arrive?

Standard delivery is generally 5-7 days through FedEx SmartPost. Shorter for metropolitan areas, longer for more rural areas. You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information once your order ships.

What is the best adult diaper for women?

When deciding on the right adult diaper for you, there are several factors to consider: fit, absorbency, materials, and leak protection.

Pay close attention to the size guides on each product's page to ensure you are choosing the right fit for your body so you can prevent future leaks.

If you are unsure how much absorbency you need in a women's adult diaper, err on the side of caution with a higher absorbency product or reach out to customer service for expert advice.

If you suffer from sensitive skin or frequent infections, pay close attention to what the diaper is made with so you can ensure you will be comfortable.

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