Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: What our 65+ year old moms want for Mother’s Day

A mother daughter sitting on a couch opening a wrapped gift

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: What our 65+ year old moms want for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a chance to celebrate the mothers and mother figures in our lives, but choosing gifts they’ll appreciate can be challenging. To help, we’ve rounded up a list of Mother’s Day gift ideas from women over sixty-five, for women over sixty-five.

This Mother’s Day, take a note from the mothers in our lives to help you find a gift yours will love.

Potted plants

While floral bouquets only last a few days, hanging baskets and other plants can be enjoyed all season long. Get her a container full of sun-loving plants like begonias, geraniums, and mint for her porch, or more shade-tolerant plants for the indoors.

An afternoon lunch date

Spending time with loved ones is a great way to show your appreciation. This Mother’s Day, make plans to take your mother out somewhere she loves. By devoting time and attention to your relationship, even a simple lunch date can be a gift in itself.

Plane tickets

Many families are spread out across different states. Close the distance by getting your mother plane tickets to come visit you (or vice versa).

Spa Gift Card

Everyone deserves a little pampering. Spending time at the spa can help your mother remember that she deserves to relax, too! Bonus: stress-lowering activities like spa days can help people sleep better and feel more rested.

Health & Wellness Essentials

As more moms decide to age in place, helping provide the essentials to do this can be a practical and appreciated gift. From monthly bladder protection essentials to vitamins, supplements, and mobility aids, Because Market can be a one-stop shop that delivers wellness products directly to your mother’s door.

Framed photos of family

In a time when most pictures exist only in digital form, having a physical print of a photo you love of you together can be extra meaningful. Have some of your recent pictures printed and framed to show her you cherish your relationship as much as she does.

The best gifts aren’t always expensive or hard to come by; in fact, many on this list can be bought last-minute if you’ve been struggling to decide what to get. Our mothers opted for gifts that show we’re thinking about them and their well-being, and can be enjoyed even after the holiday itself is long over. We know your mother will appreciate them, too.

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