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We started Because with a simple idea - we wanted a better way to serve and support our families.

We are the sons and daughters, the devoted caretakers, the people who would drive to six different stores trying to find the supplies for our parents and grandparents (we tried - and after six different stores we still came up short.) From hand creams to protective underwear, from Ibuprofen to Omega 3 we would canvass supermarkets and pharmacies.

The start

Incontinence affects 25 million people in the US, and half of women over 50. You know someone who deals with it- someone who can’t always make it to the bathroom in time or get through the day without a leak.

But chances are they’ve never talked about it with you or anyone, which usually means nobody is helping. That needs to change.

“When you need it, better protective underwear can be life changing. So we started Because to create a better way to help you and people you love live full lives.”

Alexi & Luca, Co-Founders Because

Community is the family you choose.

We began this mission to improve the way our own families receive the things they needed most. After dozens and dozens of trips to the supermarket and drugstores on behalf of our loved ones, we knew there was room to improve the way people found and bought their personal care items.

It started with family- honest conversations, open minds, and a desire to make things better not just for ourselves, but for everyone we knew who had the same issues. As we spoke to more people, it became crystal clear that the impact we could have in giving people the confidence to leave their home was bigger than we ever imagined.

Every day we are humbled by the openness our members show us to turn subtle changes into lasting impact. From video reviews to sample testing, from website tweaks to product suggestions, our members have made it possible for us to serve hundreds of thousands of people. And every day we are devoted to doing more and doing better.

Whether it’s Nana, Nonna, or Nani, we thank you, we love you, and we can’t wait to serve you. Because our members are our family.

Your Because Family

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Because is proud to partner with community organizations and initiatives across the US. Together we can create lasting impact and improve the lives and lifestyles of millions of people.

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