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Meet Lifelong Basketball Phenom Angela Swift

Angela Swift, the Because Market logo, a medal graphic, and a basketball graphic.

Vivian Bastos |

Because Market is proud to be sponsoring six incredible women at this year's National Senior Athletic Games organized by the National Senior Games Association (NSGA). These extraordinary women are changing the narrative on what's possible for athletes over 60. Pushing back against stereotypes of the limits aging bodies face, these women take back their autonomy, health, and happiness as they Live Life Fully.


We sat down with Angela Swift, basketball & track & field athlete, to talk about preparing for the games, her home team the Oklahoma Hot Shots, and advice for others who are looking to get active.


Angela sits on the court as she goes over plays with her team.

Swift discusses the next play with her team during a game.

What do you do during the week to stay active?


What are the biggest setbacks or challenges you’ve overcome throughout your athletic career?

I played basketball from fourth grade through eighth grade, but my school after that didn’t have a basketball team for girls. So I joined a track and field team during high school and played some intramurals during college, but there was a long period of time when I was focused on my career as a certified public accountant. There just wasn't as big of a focus at that time during my life on activity. If I had stayed active through my 30s and into my 50s, it would have made getting back into basketball and track and field a lot easier.


So the biggest challenge, I think, is first thinking of myself as an athlete—as a senior athlete—and rephrasing my mindset. But also just the effort to be in shape and maintain stamina and endurance on that court. It's one of my main focuses at this time to overcome those challenges.


Angela in the 5th or 6th grade with her basketball team.

Swift's elementary school girls basketball team pose for a photo.


What athletic achievements are you particularly proud of?

The proudest moments have been, of course, earning medals during the state Senior Games. And that's in both track events as well as basketball. My proudest right now is helping other senior women find an opportunity to play basketball, join the Senior Games, and do different events. Building awareness of what we're trying to do and getting new players out on the court has been a lot of fun.


Angela poses with her team the Oklahoma Hot Shots.

Swift poses with her home team, the Oklahoma Hot Shots.


Angela in action on the basketball court.

Swift in action on the court during a game playing for the Hot Shots.



Do you have any advice for your peers who are looking to get active?




What sense of community have you gotten from playing sports and being part of the NSGA?


NSGA 2022 celebratory hangout.

Swift enjoying the NSGA 2022 Celebration of Athletes Freeze Dance competition.




Over 50% of women experience bladder leaks, yet it’s a stigmatized topic that people tend to shy away from. What advice would you have for them?




Do you have a goal that drives you to keep playing?


Angela poses with her team and a young girl.

Swift poses with her home team and her granddaughter.


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