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What is the Most Absorbent Incontinence Underwear?

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Adult incontinence is a far more common medical issue than people may be aware of. Urinary incontinence is a broad term for many different kinds of incontinence. Depending on which type of incontinence you experience, you may need a lighter or heavier absorbency and size. Luckily, there are many types of protective underwear, too, so you’ll be able to find the right kind for you.

Absorbency and size vary depending on what brand and size protective underwear you’re considering. From lighter absorbencies that can hold a few teaspoons of liquid to heavier kinds, there are a lot of options to consider. If you tend to avoid lots of urine at a time, a larger absorbency protective underwear will protect you the best.

So how do you make a good choice when it comes to finding the right product if there are a variety of styles and custom fits? From bladder control pads or disposable pads to incontinence liner, pull-ups, incontinence briefs, panties, pants, disposable underwear, and washable incontinence underwear, we've created a guide to inform you on what to be aware of and what we believe is the optimal product on the market today for your discreet protection and easy mobility meeting your incontinence needs.

This guide goes over which incontinence underwear provides the most absorbency and heaviest protection so you can stay dry no matter what your day holds.


Incontinence Underwear Absorbency Levels

Our incontinence underwear for leak protection range in absorbency levels. From underwear that offers six ounces of protection for smaller leaks to underwear that offers 50 ounces of absorbency for heavy-duty protection, there’s a product for everyone's incontinence issues.

Let’s take a closer look at the types of incontinence underwear that offer a higher level of absorbency.


Because Premium Overnight Underwear in package as well as out of package sits on a counter with 6 cups of water.


Premium Overnight Plus Incontinence Underwear

Our Premium overnight plus underwear are our most absorbent underwear. With up to six cups of leak protection, this incontinence underwear can be used for heavier voids of urine or protection throughout the night.

It’s important to find incontinence underwear that doesn’t leak during the night, no matter what position you sleep in so you make a great choice in finding maximum protection overnight for bedwetting instead of adult diapers. With double barrier side guards and our advanced absorption core, you can enjoy protection all night long.

This underwear is also latex-free, gentle on the skin, and made without any woven edges. Our overnight plus underwear comes in sizes to fit men and women. Say goodbye to uncomfortable underwear and hello to breathable, absorbent protection that lasts you all night long.


Because Premium Maximum Underwear in package as well as out of package sits on a counter with four cups of water.


Premium Maximum Incontinence Underwear

For daytime protection, our premium maximum incontinence underwear offers up to four cups of absorbency protection. If you tend to avoid large amounts of urine at a time during the day, this underwear offers high absorbency to protect you from leaks.


A Because Market Booster out of package on a blue background.


Additional Protection

If your incontinence varies throughout the day depending on where you are, what time of day it is, and how your body is working at the moment, it can help to layer absorbencies. You can do this by using protective underwear and a booster. Boosters are absorbent pads that can go on your regular underwear, or on top of protective underwear for extra absorbency for heavy incontinence.

For example, using a lighter absorbency protective underwear plus a heavier absorbency booster will allow you to alter your protection depending on the amount of protection you need at that moment.

At night, you can also enjoy additional protection by using our incontinence bed protectors. If you tend to avoid large amounts of urine during the night, you can pair this bed protector with our most absorbent overnight incontinence underwear. This way, you can sleep worry-free and leak-free without having to worry about leaks on your sheets.


Because Market Premium Pads in package as well as out of package sit on a counter.


Lower Absorbency Options

If you don’t quite need four to six cups of protection, there are lighter options too! Consider trying our premium pads for women that can hold up to one cup of liquid at a time, or our maximum guards for men that can hold two cups of liquid at a time.

These are great for those with stress incontinence, or who tend to leak smaller amounts.


Choosing Which Absorbency You Need

Knowing which absorbency is right for you is vital to keeping you comfortable, dry, and confident throughout the day.

Some kinds of urinary incontinence are caused by miscommunication between the brain and bladder signals. Other types of incontinence occur because of weakened or injured bladder muscles, or incontinence can occur if you’re unable to make it to the bathroom in time to empty your bladder.

The general rule of thumb is that absorbency needs vary depending on what kind of urinary incontinence you have. For larger voids of urine, larger absorbencies will help you stay dry longer. If you tend to avoid smaller amounts of moisture at a time, you can probably get by with a smaller level of absorbency. Wearing the right level of absorbency will help you stay comfortable and confident, so it’s important to know which level is best for you.

For instance, some types of urinary incontinence, such as stress incontinence or overflow incontinence, can result in smaller leaks throughout the day. You may leak when you sneeze, cough, or jump, but these leaks may be smaller. Larger voids of urine can occur with other types of urinary incontinence, such as urge incontinence, reflex incontinence, or functional incontinence.

For an in-depth guide on how to choose what absorbency you need, we’ve broken down the different types of urinary incontinence and what absorbency underwear works best here.



Urinary incontinence can display itself in a variety of ways. You may have smaller leaks sometimes and larger leaks other times depending on your body, the time of day, and a number of other factors. Luckily, there are easy ways to layer your protection throughout the day, so you’re prepared for anything.

Still not sure which product is right for you? Take our bladder protection quiz and get a sample pack to try.



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