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Because Market Gives Back: Our Partnership with the National Diaper Bank Network

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Vivian Bastos |

At Because Market, our story begins with helping older adults live fuller, happier lives. We grew out of a quest to create better products to free older adults from the worries associated with urinary and bowel incontinence. Since then, we've continued to look for new ways to support our customers, and we're pleased to announce a new partnership with the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) that will allow us to further our efforts.

What Is the NDBN and What Do They Do?

The National Diaper Bank Network started in 2011 with a mission to spread awareness about diaper need and to provide resources for struggling families who couldn't afford diapers.

Since then, the NDBN has grown to include more than 225 diaper bank programs with members in every state, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. In 2021, with the help of corporate sponsors and local donors, NDBN and its members provided more than 187 million diapers to children and older adults in low-income families. In 2018, the NDBN also launched the Alliance for Period Supplies to ensure that women everywhere have access to menstrual care products.

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Along with fundraising and donations, the NDBN sponsors research into diaper need and period poverty and advocates for increased federal, state, and local support through advocacy and lobbying efforts. Public awareness campaigns also promote the need for access to diapers and menstrual care products.

Why Many Older Adults Depend on Diaper Banks

Families with small children aren't the only ones who suffer due to lack of access to diapers. In 2019, more than 4.9 million seniors lived in poverty. Incontinence is also a significant health concern for seniors. One study estimates that more than 60% of all women deal with urinary incontinence, and the condition also impacts the lives of millions of men.

Unfortunately, many older adults don’t have assistance with the cost of incontinence supplies, even when their doctors attest that they're medically necessary. Original Medicare won't pay for adult incontinence products, and Medicaid coverage for incontinence supplies varies greatly from state to state. This leaves many older adults unable to pay for the protection they require.

Members of the NDBN recognize the need for adult incontinence products among seniors. That's why many members across the country distribute incontinence underwear and pads, and menstrual care products, as well as infant and children's diapers. Seniors who receive free supplies from NDBN member organizations can lead healthier lives and benefit from improvements in self-esteem and self-confidence.

How We're Supporting the Cause

By making the NDBN our exclusive donation partner, Because Market pledges to donate incontinence supplies to NDBN members all over the country. We’re committed to helping the NDBN eradicate diaper need and ensure older adults aren't forgotten in discussions surrounding the lack of access to incontinence supplies.

Get Involved

If you're inspired by the mission of the NDBN as much as we are, it's easy to get involved. You can host an adult diaper drive in your area, donate adult diapers or money, or learn about volunteer opportunities in your area.

Learn more about the National Diaper Bank Network.