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Because Bladder Control Boosters

Absorbs 4 cups

Get 4 extra cups of absorbency with our super absorbent booster pads. Our comfortable pads fit into any brand of incontinence underwear.

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Fits directly inside of protective underwear.
Provides 4 extra cups of absorbency day or night.
Great for overnight or when a bathroom is unavailable.

Because Boosters are designed to work with our protective underwear to increase total absorbency. Unlike incontinence pads, booster pads do not have a plastic backing so that liquid can flow through into the underwear below once saturated. Booster pads quickly wick moisture away from the skin and are topped with a soft, cotton-like material to keep you dry and comfortable. Booster pads should be changed when full but before soaking through which reduces costs; this means incontinence underwear is a backup and need not be replaced as often.

Booster pads hold more than 4 cups of liquid and are a great choice when traveling with limited bathroom breaks, or overnight when extra absorbency is required. They also reduce costs, as a replacement booster pad is less expensive than a new pair of incontinence underwear.

Please note that packaging shown may differ slightly from the actual product.

How To Use

Use inside disposable incontinence underwear. Booster pads will absorb liquid until saturated, then excess liquid will flow through to the incontinence underwear underneath. Dispose when saturated. If incontinence underwear is also saturated, replace underwear. If underwear is not saturated, replace only the booster pad.

For added discretion, use with Because Biodegradable Disposable Bags to dispose.

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Adds 4 cups of protection

The Benefits of a Booster

  • Adds 4 Cups of Absorbency
  • Fits in Any Incontinence Underwear
  • Reduces Overall Incontinence Product Costs
  • Latex- and Fragrance-Free
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Irritants
  • Advanced Odor Protection
  • Carbon Neutral Production
  • Made in the USA
Image shows woman holding booster pads and a seal reading "dermatologist approved"

Get A Boost of Added Absorbency

Our unisex Incontinence Booster Pads are inserts designed to increase absorbency in adult underwear. If you have moderate to heavy urinary incontinence or high absorbency needs, incontinence booster pad inserts can help. Booster pad inserts can extend the use of incontinence underwear for much longer by providing extra absorbency.

Because Booster Pads are built like a pad, without the waterproof backing. The pads are kept in place by an adhesive strip on the back of the incontinence product. Our booster pads are topped with a smooth, cotton-like material that quickly draws moisture away from the skin keeping you dry and comfortable.

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Why Because?

Video provides overview of the benefits of Because Market Premium Boosters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a booster?

An incontinence booster is a pad-shaped insert that can be added to an adult diaper to increase absorbency. Because Market Premium Boosters add up to 4 extra cups of absorbency to any incontinence underwear.

How are boosters different from pads?

Boosters are different from pads because boosters do not have a waterproof backing. This allows liquid to pass through to the protective underwear if the booster reaches full saturation.

Pads will only fill to their full saturation, then begin to overflow. If you place a pad on top of protective underwear, the liquid will not be able to pass through due to the waterproof backing and you may end up with a leak.

How does using boosters help me save money?

Because boosters are placed on top of adult diapers, they can be easily changed when a leak occurs. To change a booster, you simply remove it like you would a pad or a guard.

Boosters are typically less expensive than incontinence underwear or briefs therefore being able to change a booster when you experience a leak versus changing a pair of underwear every time, can save you money.

Do Because Market Boosters only work in Because Market Protective Underwear?

Nope! You can use Because Market Premium Boosters in any of your favorite incontinence underwear brands.