Because Life's an Adventure: Andrea's Picks

Image of an older woman parasailing

As Because Market employees, we celebrate the accomplishments of the older adults in our own lives. Today, our Director of Inventory Planning, Andrea, reflects on the incredible life of her grandmother, Polly. 


Andrea's Story


"My grandmother always had a passion for aviation and being out on the water, so it was only mildly surprising to us when she went parasailing for charity at age 91. Her enthusiasm and sense of adventure have always inspired me."


Andrea C Director of Inventory Planning


Shop Andrea's picks below


   Andrea's Picks


Swimmates: "My grandmother was a Woman Air Service Pilot (WASP) in World War II and I share her passion for adventure. These Swimmates underwear are great for anyone who also loves the water and refuses to give up their passions, even later in life!" 


Adjustable Folding Cane: "This cane would have been great for all of my grandmother's world travels. She used to ride around the world on freight liner cruises with container ships, stopping at major ports of call. The fact that this folds up so tiny is great for tucking away, on and off the ship."


Women's Multivitamin: "Maintaining your physical health at an older age is so important. This multi-vitamin is specifically developed for older women and contains immunity supporting ingredients like echinacea, spirulina, and garlic!"


Boosters: "This is probably the most underrated and not talked about product that we have. Our customers love this because they give you an additional 4 cups of absorption and can go right into any brand of bladder leak underwear!"


Barrier Cream: "I recommend this barrier cream for anyone with sensitive skin. It really helps prevent that uncomfortable chafing and irritation from happening."


Flushable Wipes:  "These are so convenient for cleaning up. They are super gentle and don't contain fragrances that can sometimes irritate delicate areas."


Not exactly what you're looking for? Shop our entire selection of bladder protection essentials here!  

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