Why Does Incontinence Affect Women Over 50?

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Urinary incontinence in women over 50 is a common problem and nearly half of all women over the age of 50 deal with its symptoms. One-third of women who experience leaking urine have an episode almost every day, and for 40% of them, worries over incontinence are a major or considerable problem in their lives.


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The reasons for urinary incontinence in women vary, but childbirth and menopause are two of the biggest factors. Author and entrepreneur, Lorraine Ladish, faced the problem of bladder leaks herself and found Because Market underwear and pads to be a comfortable, convenient solution. To help other women dealing with incontinence, she recently shared her story on her blog.



Lorraine’s Story

Like many women, Lorraine first experienced bladder leaks following the birth of her two children at ages 37 and 40. Her symptoms improved but returned after she went through menopause in her early 50s.

Lorraine wasn't willing to let urinary incontinence limit her. She began exploring options for overnight leak protection, so she could continue to confidently enjoy her daily activities and rest well at night.

For Lorraine, style, security, and comfort were top priorities. She also needed incontinence protection that was safe for her sensitive skin. Because Market overnight underwear and pads fit her needs with their high level of absorbency, just-right fit, and latex-free, dermatologist-tested materials.

Lorraine refused to allow incontinence to slow her down, and Because Market overnight pads and underwear have easily allowed her to manage her symptoms.


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What To Look For in Incontinence Underwear

As Lorraine's story shows, leak-protective underwear is a convenient solution for dealing with incontinence in women over 50. However, not all options on the market are the same. When comparing your options for incontinence underwear, consider the following points.



Whether you're wearing incontinence underwear during the day or at night, you need protection that fits just as comfortably as ordinary undergarments. Made from soft, cloth-like material and equipped with spandex, Because Market underwear looks and fits like regular underwear and disappears under whatever you're wearing. Breathable panels also promote airflow to keep you cooler.



Absorbency determines how well incontinence underwear can protect you from leaks. Because Premium Overnight Underwear for Women can absorb up to six cups of liquid and features reinforced leak guards to keep liquid from escaping along the sides.


Sensitive-Skin Friendly

Women over 50 frequently experience changes in their skin due to menopause. Dryness and increased fragility raise the risk of skin irritation and sensitivity. As a result, it’s essential to choose incontinence underwear that’s made from skin-friendly materials. For peace of mind, Because Market products are free of latex and dermatologist tested to ensure skin safety.


Discreet Delivery

Shopping for incontinence underwear should be as easy as using it. Because Market offers a monthly delivery service that ships your incontinence protection right to your door in discreet packaging. Not only does the subscription service save you time, but it also lets you stay stocked up on incontinence underwear at a discounted price.


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Because Market is committed to providing comfortable, effective solutions for urinary incontinence in women over 50, so Lorraine and the millions of women like her can live free from worries about bladder leakage.

Try our free starter pack and see if Because Market is right for you.

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